Flexible Packaging

Pioneers in flexible packaging for both food and non-food sectors.

With many years of expertise in flexographic printing for both food and non-food flexible packaging, Arrow Film Converters Ltd utilises state-of-the-art technologies to ensure an unwavering focus on enhancing quality, delivering top-tier products to our clients.

Arrow Film Converters Ltd specialises in the flexographic printing process. Our facility is equipped with printing machines capable of handling up to 8 colours for both mono and multilayer films, further enhanced by our lamination capabilities.



Tactile Varnish

Utilising tactile varnish on our printed packaging, Arrow Film Converters Ltd enhances the sensory experience for consumers, adding a tangible dimension to the visual appeal of the product.

Inkjet - Unique codes

This printing method introduces promotional codes directly onto the packaging film, either internally or externally.

Easy opening

An inventive method that simplifies package opening without compromising any packaging standards.